CSCB Sub Groups

Each of the six sub-groups is composed of relevant managers and practitioners who can bring expertise and knowledge to a group.  The sub-groups carry out work which is informed by the Safeguarding Board’s priorities.

These groups report to the Business Group through the relevant Chair and are supported by the Safeguarding Manager and unit personnel.

The work of the sub groups is determined by the Boards priorities for May 2014 to April 2015 which are:

1. The Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board has assurance that children receive the right help at the right time and are clear about how this impacts on Safeguarding

2. Assure the Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board of the effectiveness in relation to identification and safeguarding of the most vulnerable children in Calderdale

3. Robust Performance Management and Quality Assurance demonstrates effective Safeguarding in Calderdale

4. The Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board drives Safeguarding and Practice Improvement for children and young people

5. Clear priorities are set and core business processes are strengthened which establish effective joint working arrangements for safeguarding children and young people

A number of objectives are identified under each priority with actions and timescales to explain how these will be achieved.

The CSCB and sub groups meet every two months, currently the Business Group is meeting more frequently.  Dates and venues for the meetings are set in advance.  Board Meetings and Sub-Group Dates 2015

The CSCB Structure Chart Feb 2016 shows how the sub groups link with each other, the Business group, the main Board and other panels.

Areas of Responsibility of the sub groups


Click on the link under the description of each sub group to see the terms of reference.

CSCB Business Group – comprising the Chairs of the Sub Groups and other key Senior personnel, this group supports and ensures that the sub groups deliver the priorities and objectives set out by the Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board and  helps to ensure that the CSCB is an effective Board and is able to evidence this to the general public and all stakeholders.

Business Group Terms of Reference (2015)

Case Review – focuses on ensuring that Serious Case Reviews and other forms of case review are carried out when required; that the Child Death Overview Panel process is working; multi-agency audits are undertaken to better understand what is happening  in specific areas of work; and that learning takes place and improvements to services for children are made as a result of this activity.

Case Review Sub Group Terms of Reference (2015)

Performance Management – focuses on developing ways of gathering and analysing information from services to check on safeguarding arrangements whenever help and support is provided to children in Calderdale and then to report to the Business group  what is working well and what needs attention.

Performance Management & Quality Assurance Sub Group Terms of Reference (2015)

Learning and Improvement – focuses on  developing ways to learn and improve how to safeguard children and young people in Calderdale and produce the Learning and Improvement Framework as required by Working Together 2013.  This group produces a multi-agency training programme for people who work with children and families which is linked to the information that comes from sub groups and other related work; and the group is also responsible for contributing to the development of local policies and procedures for interagency work to improve safeguarding and to promote the welfare of children.

Learning and Improvement Terms of Reference (2015)

Communication and Engagement – focuses on making sure that information about best practice in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children reaches all partner agencies; that members of the public know where to get help if they are concerned about a child or young person; to raise awareness that ‘Safeguarding is everyone’s business’; and to make sure that all  children and young people of Calderdale are included in all the work of the CSCB.


Early Help and Prevention – focuses on the range of support services provided to children and young people as soon as a problem emerges, at any point in their life, from birth (and before) through to the teenage years, to make sure they are appropriate, working well and by identifying other services that may be needed in Calderdale.

Early Help and Prevention Sub Group Terms of Reference (2015)

Proactive and Responsive – focuses on particular areas of practice to make sure there are policies, procedures and guidance in place to help workers and agencies work together and separately to safeguard children and young people.  When the CSCB is satisfied that all arrangements are in place to safeguard a particular area of practice or group of children, the group will focus on different issues.

Proactive and Responsive Sub Group Terms of Reference (2015)

In addition the Multi-Agency Audit Group (MAAG) has been formed to co-ordinate and scrutinise a schedule of multi-agency audits which reflects the Boards priorities and to ensure all action plans are child focused and completed. This work will help to improve safeguarding practice in Calderdale.

MAAG Terms of Reference (2015)