More About the Safeguarding Board

Everyone who works with children and young people in Calderdale wants to do their best to make sure that all children are safe and happy, and are supported as they grow up.  Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board has identified 5 priorities for the Board to focus on between April 2015 and March 2018 which will help to do this.  These are:

1. Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board is assured that children receive the right help and protection at the right time
2. Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board know which children are vulnerable and are assured that they are protected 
3. Scrutiny and challenge evidences effective Safeguarding in Calderdale
4.  Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board creates a learning culture which consistently improves outcomes for children and young people
5. Effective leadership strengthens joint working arrangements for safeguarding children and young people

Find out more about how the Safeguarding Children Board works on these priorities as you look through the website.

The Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board (CSCB) consists of the The Safeguarding Board and Business Group (see below), The Safeguarding Board and various Sub Groups.

Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board is a partnership body that is independent of all the organisations that work with children, young people and their families in Calderdale. A Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) is a statutory body, so every area has to have one and the Council have a special responsibility to ensure that it is effective in what it does. Members of the Board represent all types of organisations and groups and have an equal say.

See the CSCB Structure Chart Feb 2016

Calderdale LSCB Partners make a contribution towards the 2015/16 LSCB Budget (not including any income generation or carry forward) in the following proportions:

Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council 58%

CCG 38%

Police 3%

Probation 1%


Posts Paid For From The Budget:

1 X Business Manager, 1 X Training Officer, 2 X Admin Support

So what does CSCB do? It is there to make sure that all organisations and people who work with children know about and know what to do about things and situations that are causing or may cause children and young people to be harmed. So it makes sure that all organisations and their leaders sign up to and commit to work in certain ways and make sure that safeguarding is a priority in their own organisation and in how they work together with others. CSCB is not responsible for the delivery of services, though those who plan and make decisions about services locally take its views seriously. It is responsible for holding members to the commitments they make, and for making sure that everyone knows about how best we should work together to protect children and young people.

What else does CSCB do?  Of course things don’t always go as they should and we know that tragically some children and young people suffer harm, neglect, abuse and on rare occasions death.  There are many reasons why this happens and when it does, it is the CSCB’s job to understand what happened and why, so that it can help its members to identify what can be learnt and what needs to change to reduce the chance of it happening again.

How can you learn more about the work of the Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board?  Every September, CSCB publishes its Annual Report, which although it is not the easiest read, is very important because it does 2 things; it provides an account of what everyone has done in the past year to make sure children are safe; and it accounts for whether these joint working arrangements in the view of the CSCB are sufficient to ensure that children are safeguarded. The report also sets out how the LSCB and its partners are going to further improve these arrangements.

You have probably heard the phrase “safeguarding children is everyone’s business” and this is of course true, but it raises some key questions for each of us, whoever we are or whatever we do:

  • Do we know and are we clear about what this means for us especially if we have a concern that a child may not be safe?
  • Do we know what to do?
  • Are we confident that other people would know what to do and that things will work as they should?

CSCB is here to make sure that the answers to these questions are in place.

The Safeguarding Board

The Safeguarding Children Board has Senior Management representatives from the following agencies:

Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

NHS-Calderdale-CCG-web-header - Copy

Click here for a link to the NHS Calderdale CCG Safeguarding Children Annual Report 2013-14

Calderdale College calderdale

Calderdale MBC: Adults Health and Social Care; Adults Safeguarding Board;

Children and Young People’s Services;  Communities; Councillors; cdale-logo

Democratic and Partnership Services; Public Health; Youth Offending Team


Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS)

Lay Member

NHS Englandnhsengland_logo

Housing phlogo-right

Primary and Secondary Schools

Probation TrustW Yorks Probation Trust

South and West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation TrustSWYFT

Voluntary Sector nbf

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service wyfrs-logo

West Yorkshire PoliceWest Yorkshire Police

WomenCentre CalderdaleWomenCentre-Calderdale-and-Kirklees-copy1[1]

Other partners include:

British Transport Police BTP_Logo_Blue

The Business Group

The role of the Business Group is to establish the strategic direction of the Board and ensure the effective delivery of the work of the CSCB. The Business Group will also ensure the CSCB is engaged with all the agencies providing services for children and families in Calderdale, and ensure appropriate mechanisms for communication with the Children and Young People’s Partnership Executive and other business planning processes.

The Terms of Reference of the Business Group are:

– Support and ensure that the sub groups deliver the priorities and objectives set out by the Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board (CSCB) by providing a regular forum.

– To accept and act on new pieces of work presented by the CSCB and to consider new areas of work proposed by the sub groups.

– Help ensure that all activities of the CSCB are focused on the impact these achieve for children, young people and their families

– Help to ensure that the CSCB is an effective Board and is able to evidence this to the general public and all stakeholders.

– Support and advise the Business Manager and the Independent Chair

– To work within the Performance and Quality Assurance and Learning and Improvement Frameworks and to oversee their implementation and development

– Ensure that the contributions of the sub groups and the Board core functions are integrated and coordinated

– Performance manage, quality assure and hold each sub group to account; reporting any suggested corrective action to the CSCB.

– Initiate, maintain and regularly monitor the Risk Register in order to ensure that the work of the Board is stimulated by challenge and regular assessment of impact

– Provide the opportunity for reflection, consideration and analysis of matters and issues that reflects the multi agency context of the CSCB, especially performance information

– Consider any issues arising from sub groups and decide whether there is a need to escalate to CSCB

– Oversee the Annual Report and Business Planning cycle.

– Regularly review the function and content of the CSCB website and core communications and advise the Board as to progress and impact

– Set-up, under instruction from the CSCB, standing or time-limited task and finish with delegated responsibilities, to carry out the work programme of the CSCB

– Advise the CSCB as to any matters or revisions that may be judged as necessary such as revision to the sub group structure and composition, revisions to priorities and objectives, and or performance of the CSCB

It will be supported by the Safeguarding Board Business and QA Manager and Senior Administrator.

The Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board Business Group is made up of the following members:

CSCB Business & QA Manager

CSCB Lay Member

Named Nurse/Trust Lead – SWYPFT

Head of Service, Commissioning & Partnership – CMBC

Head of Early Intervention & Safeguarding – CMBC

Head of Pennine Housing – Together Housing Group

Service Manager – Youth Offending Team/Early Intervention (Upper Valley)

Designated Nurse – Calderdale CCG

Head of Quality – Calderdale CCG

DCI – West Yorkshire Police

A team of staff (The Secretariat) support the work of the Board and its sub-groups.

The service is currently based at Northgate House, Halifax. The Board is co-located with the Calderdale Safeguarding and Quality Assurance Service.

CSCB Team Photo (May 2015)

From Left to Right:

Jacquie Hellowell – Performance Management Quality Assurance Officer – who coordinates and collates performance management data for the Calderdale multi-agency partnership

Allison Waddell – Multi-Agency Learning and Improvement Officer – who co-ordinates and delivers Calderdale’s multi-agency safeguarding learning and development programme

Julia Caldwell – Business Manager

Julie Hartley – Business Support Co-ordinator – who provides business support to the Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board (CSCB), the Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP), Sub-groups and the Multi-Agency Learning and Improvement Officer

Lisa Golding-Smith – Business Support Co-ordinator – who provides business support to the Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board (CSCB), Sub-groups, the CSCB Independent Chair and CSCB Business & QA Manager.

Richard Burrows –  is the Independent Chair – who provides leadership for the Board and ensures that it operates effectively.

Richard has been Independent Chair since January 2014. His background is originally in social work, he has  worked in Local Authorities , the Voluntary sector and also in the Channel Islands managing health and social services for children as an Assistant Director. In 2008 he started his own company specialising in safeguarding, organisational change and developments, complaints and historical abuse investigations and more recently the provision of independent chairing services.

Richard currently chairs a number of LSCB’s as well as other forms of independent review. He has always worked with lots of different professionals and organisations so in addition to this experience he also believes it is really important that professional and organisational leaders are supported and where necessary challenged to make sure that the arrangements for working together to protect children and young people are the best they can be.

In his role as independent chair, Richard is responsible for making sure that the Board meets regularly, that it has clear priorities, follows its work plan and makes sure that it meets the objectives its sets. Independent Chairs are not like Chief Executives or Directors, in that Boards are not responsible for the provision of services, but they are publicly accountable for making sure that there is clarity and agreement, about the arrangements members of the Board sign up to. This of course means that he also has to supported the people who work for and with the LSCB in providing training, policies and procedures and sharing information. He also has to make sure that the Board is able to get and use the information it needs from its partners in order to help the Board members form a judgement about whether or not people are doing what they said they would to protect children. This can mean that sometimes everyone has to face up to evidence that suggests that things have not gone as well as expected and or errors have occurred. Just as when things work well, (which they often do) Richard has to provide leadership and support to all the Board to make sure that lessons are learned and things change.

Each year he produces with the help of Board members an annual report, which is published and sets out what has been achieved and learnt, as well as showing what it is intended to improve on in the coming year.

Finally with the help of the 2 Lay Board members as well as the children and young people who contribute to the Board, Richard tries to ensure that “safeguarding” is as widely understood as possible, as he knows that protecting children and young people in Calderdale is something everyone (whoever they are or whatever role they play) cares deeply about.