Staying Safe

Party Animals Boy

 Are you good at keeping yourself safe?

  • I can act confidently even when I don’t feel it
  • I would tell someone I trust if an adult was making me feel uncomfortable
  • I walk to and from school in a group
  • I never accept a ride from strangers
  • I would report suspicious behaviour or crimes
  • If I was asked to do something I wasn’t happy about, I’d speak out
  • My parents or an adult I trust always knows where I am
  • I wouldn’t take gifts from strangers
  • When I’m alone, I take extra care
  • I stick to paths I’m familiar with
  • I’m pretty good at asking for help if I need it
  • At night, I stay in well lit areas
  • I keep my mobile out of sight

Have you got any suggestions for other young people?  If so please tell us.


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