Young Advisors

As well as all the agencies that have responsibilities to make sure children and young people in Calderdale are safe, Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board, works alongside a group of young people (Young Advisors) who check that CSCB concentrate on the most important things and that all groups of children from different backgrounds, from all parts of Calderdale are included in the work plans and can access services as and when they are needed.




The Young Advisors meet every few months.

The group of advisors have worked on a number of topics during 2015 that include…

  • Making sure some of the documents that are produced by Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board (CSCB) are user friendly and jargon free so that they can be understood by everyone
  • Carrying out a questionnaire with young people on Early Help services and Child Sexual Exploitation and making recommendations to the CSCB about what needs to happen next
  • Discussing what information should go into the CSCB Annual Report and producing a child friendly version.
  • Discussing future surveys, questions and communication methods as a group and sharing their thoughts with the CSCB
  • Planning, preparing and taking part in a Section 11 Challenge Event with the Police and Calderdale Council’s Children & Young Peoples service.   The young people involved in this event said they felt that they had really been listened to and were taken seriously by those agencies.
  • Suggesting ways that young people will listen to important safeguarding messages

Examples of other work is included on this page.

Children Missing from Home or from Care poster

When asked for their views on the new website, Young Advisors said:

The scrolling bar on the front is ‘smart’so we have left it on

The different sections and drop down menus make it easy to find thingsso we have added more of these

There is important information on the website ‘which is good’so we will continue to add important information to the website

The things they said need improving were:

Needs more colour and pictures on different pagesthe front page has been changed to include more colour.  Different pictures are being added on different pages and videos or links to other websites and leaflets will be included where possible.

Not all the information is understandable – needs more explanation on the pages and a glossary or explanation for some of the wordsYoung Advisors have been asked to do some of this work for the CSCB.

Real-life stories would help young people to relate to them and understand they are not having difficulties on their own.CSCB have asked young people for their stories so that they can be used in this way.